Black beans and shrunk stomachs


The generous helping of black beans may have been over-generous, as I’ve now had the move half the rapidly-expanding legumes to a second large bowl of water.  I need to look up some more black bean recipes – I might be eating a lot of them in the near future…..!

Mum has just stood up (after a sunday evening roast chicken dinner), and announced she’s still hungry, and she may stage a raid later on the black grapes left in the fridge.  There was some incredulity expressed that she’s still hungry after aforementioned roast chicken, but apparently she didn’t each that much (didn’t notice, was personally too busy inhaling roasted potatoes as fast as possible).  Her stomach has shrunk a bit over the last week with her just snacking rather than eating full meals, so she’s still doing a lot of grazing rather than feasting.  I’m off to safeguard my lunches…..


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