Everything in its right place


Used up some of the left-over chilli from the other day in this recipe, plus some Quorn ham, instead of the prosciutto and chorizo. Original from here; http://almostbourdain.blogspot.co.uk/2009/10/gypsy-eggs-huevos-la-flamenca.html.  And it was rather fabulous.  The additional ingredients, plus letting it stand for a bit, meant that the chilli was much less sweet and more flavourful.  Also it took one meal’s worth of left-over chilli to two meals’ worth.  As the writer themself puts “What’s great about this dish is that you can throw in anything that is available in your pantry or fridge and whip it up for dinner in less than 15 minutes.”  As such, having another go, only this time swapping Cauldron Lincolnshire sausages and Quorn bacon in for the prosciutto and chorizo. Some of the button mushrooms need using up before they up and leave under their own power; chopped them up fine, and then the tomatoes/spices were replaced by some spicy tomato pasta sauce donated by my parents, as Mum is still a little shaky on foods that are too spicy or hot.  Shall report back on how it goes…..

UPDATE: it rocked.  This recipe is going straight into the “permanent favourites” list.


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