Refried beans with sundried-tomato paste


I love garlic. I blame my French ancestry. Rescued a couple of home grown garlic cloves from the shed as we’d run out in the kitchen.  Decided against the futile task of cleaning the black dirt off the bulbs, and simply popped the creamy-coloured cloves out and straight into the fridge, reserving the flaky white tissue left over for the compost heap.  I kept two cloves back for a twist on the refried beans and tortillas I’ve been doing a lot of lately, dragging the beans, protesting all the way, from Mexico/Spanish America over to the Mediterranean.

Tin kidney beans (drained).

Tin pinto beans (drained).

Two cloves garlic, chopped finely.

Olive oil, decent dash.

Tablespoon full of sun-dried tomato paste.

Teaspoon of harissa paste


Gently heat the beans for ten minutes, or until soft enough to easily mash.  Add the chopped garlic to hot oil in a saucepan or shallow wok, then add the harissa paste, salt and tomato paste and mix thoroughly, but not long enough to burn the garlic.  Mash the beans with some olive oil*, then add a few spoonfuls of the mash at a time to the spiced mixture, and combine well, salt to taste.  Serve hot or cold, wrapped in flour tortillas with chopped salad.

Note: if mixture still dry after addition of olive oil, add a little warm vegetable stock.


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