V&Augeness & Progress


I could mention the stirfry sauce (ginger, chili, soy sauce and sesame oil) I’m working on. Actually, it’s currently working less as a ‘stirfy sauce’, and more as something I add to the pile of sticky white rice, cross-wise slices of carrot with their orange circles-within-circles, deellliiccately curved green mange-tout, and creamy-white tofu pieces, post-stirfy, to add just a little bite to all these pieces of vegetable modern art.  Perhaps a little cooking sherry? Or some brown sugar? Do we want it more-ish, or to leave a gentle chilli burn…?

Also I could mention the spinach and lentil curry which on the third attempt is starting to make some progress (less tumeric, much much less tumeric, and then I caved in and added some chopped onion – still struggling against the automatic EVERYTHING REQUIRES GARLIC EVERYTHING REQUIRES GARLIC which threatens to drag it back to Variant On Standard Lentil Dhal territory).


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