I’ve made the noodle cakes described a few posts back, on request of my mum, swapping out the curry paste for Thai chilli dipping sauce (a variant that I can heartily recommend based on the results).  She attended chemotherapy on Friday at Tangleton General Hospital, which was a surprisingly cheery affair.  Chemo basically involves sitting in a comfy chair in a ward for a couple of hours, whilst nursing staff hook you up to a drip, and slowly inject various forms of poisonous liquid via a catheter.  The nurse confessed that that she enjoys Chemotherapy Fridays as the conversations are generally quite hilarious.  We covered Prince Harry’s recent exploits (“well, if you can’t lose your pants in Las Vegas, where can you lose your pants?”), did some wig-complimenting, discussed the loss of body hair due to chemo (“free Brazilian waxes on the NHS!”) and generally larked about in the usual manner of women who, when dealing with the nastier sides of female biology, have decided that a metaphorical glass of Chardonnay and a Girly Chat is the only way forward if you want to retain any sort of sanity and dignity.


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