Get Stuffed!


I can only apologise for the lack of photos on this website, because I know we all enjoy a spot of food-porn.  My digital camera is playing up, otherwise I would be happily foisting slightly-out-of-focus shots of radishes on you. Feel free to be grateful, or disappointed, as necessary.

Ah, stuffed peppers.  A vegetarian cliche perhaps, but no less tasty for it. In these cost-conscious days as well, a bit of expensive protein bulked out by some grains and veg is always worth consideration.

Four bell peppers (green, red and yellow)

Garlic, finely minced

White onion, finely chopped

Spinach, finely chopped

Several tomatoes, finely chopped

Tomato puree

Equal amounts white rice, quinoa and bulgur wheat

Soy mince, in amount to match the total of grains given above

Several button mushrooms


Cook the grains until soft.  Heat olive oil in a saucepan or wok, then add the garlic and onion.  Cook gently, then add the mince, spinach and button mushrooms. Again cook gently, then season well and add tomatoes and tomato puree.  When all thoroughly cooked through, add the grains and combine thoroughly.  Hollow out the peppers, and stuff with the mixture, then cover loosely with foil and put in a baking dish.  Cook at 180 degrees until the peppers are well cooked (I like them ever-so-slightly charred, but each to their own).  Eat.


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