Mack The Knife


Chemo takes a couple of days to take effect, so in the meantime Mum has been bustling round the kitchen.  A breadcrumbed, grilled mackerel recipe for her and Dad, yielded up some spare crumbs which I adapted for my own vegetarian needs.

Mix half and half rolled porridge oats/breadcrumbs.

Quorn chicken fillets or tofu cut to thin fillet shape.

Philadephia cheese (or soft white cheese).

Salt, pepper, mixed herbs.


Add a dash of mixed herbs to oats/breadcrumb mix, then add salt and pepper.

Open box of Philadelphia cheese, eat half of it with a teaspoon.

Wrestle back some self-control, and make a thick layer of the cheese over both sides of the fillet.

Add a layer of the oats/breadcrumb mix on top of the cheese layer.

Grill under a medium heat until breadcrumbs are nicely browned.

Two of the fillets I cooled and then froze for dinner later in the week. The other two went down rather nicely aided with a spot of mayonnaise to which I added a tiny dash of harissa paste.


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