Followed a link posted on to, and was introduced to a rather fabulous African-style peanut and vegetable stew recipe packed with spices and sweet potato.  The first attempt of this recipe at Chez Anxious worked well, so did another batch today, but this time around I dialed down the sweetness a little; as a hideous generalisation, Americans seem to use sugar in savoury dishes more than us Brits do, and a stew built around sweet potato, carrot and cinnamon, is already pretty toothsome to my palate.  Cut out the sugar, and reduced the peanut butter to one-third butter against two-thirds tahini paste loosened with hot vegetable stock.  The result was rather delicious, and I might possibly have decanted some of the sauce whilst it was bubbling away and poured it over some white rice for an impromptu late lunch.  I do think I should investigate African cookery a bit more.  The Cradle of Humankind is a massive, colourful, vibrant place, crammed with every kind of life and landscape.  There ought to be at least a couple of half-decent recipes knocking around there.


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