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Hot Salad


Wednesday was spent at a funeral, which went about as well as these things can go.  (What can you say to someone that’s going to a funeral? I mean you can say “have a great holiday!” or “Merry Christmas!” or “Have a lovely wedding!” but for funerals it’s a bit “well, I hope they don’t get the deceased’s name wrong….”).

Went to the wake to support the departed’s daughter who is a close friend of mine, which was a typically-British restrained “ham sandwich and a cup of tea” type of affair.  After the relatives departed some friends hung around for a while longer, played with her kids and caught up on the gossip.  Neither she nor her husband were in any fit state to cook, so a phone-call to the local curry-takeaway was in order; a comforting pile of rice, hot naan breads, poppadums and richly-coloured curries, dribbling fragrant red grease and orange oils over the wrapping papers and the plates.  Mmmm, vegetable balti* and a cheese naan…….*belches*

My team at work had planned an informal early Xmas lunch at the local pub the next day, which would have given me the chance to balance this out with a baked potato and salad, or something of that ilk.  Instead this was cancelled as some Very Important People were visiting, and as such lunch was brought-in pizza.

And the antidote….


White Sugar


Oh, sorry, blimey.  I have a blog, don’t I?

I apologise for the radio silence – work has been busy, we’ve got the pre-Xmas ramp-up of General Things & Stuff, and there have been a couple of bereavements, which whilst fortunately (for me) aren’t of people I am personally close to, have none the less had the ripple effect in distracting my attention to those who need it slightly more than the world needs yet another of my exquisite vegetarian masterpieces.  There’s also a post on charitable food-banks which I’m gently simmering and will try and serve sometime soon before it burns and sets off the smoke alarm.

In the meantime, I’ll post a fairly simple but comforting potato pancakes recipe.  Be warned – this took a lot of olive oil to fry, and whilst delicious, those on a budget or counting calories might want to try and grill these or find a lower-fat frying process instead.

Potato Pancakes

Written by the body


I’m not rude enough to tell any American readers who they should have voted for, or if they should be happy or sad about the results of the presidential election in their country.  He’s your president, you have to live with him, good or bad.


… a woman, I do feel it is my female duty to howl with righteous laughter at hearing this….

(Well played, Women of America, well-played).

Fun Fun Fun, in the Sun Sun Sun


Been watching the rebooted series of Red Dwarf*, Red Dwarf X.  After the last ill-fated Blade-Runneresque reboot ofwhichwewillnotspeakandwhichwewillpretendnever-happened, this one is proving to be nearly up to the standard of the original classic series. Plus still the best theme tune since Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy unleashed its banjo on the world –

Been doing my usual Sunday afternoon cook-up; mustard and honey-marinated tofu for snacks at work, refried black beans for a wholemeal tortilla mexican wrap for lunch at work, and aduki-bean casserole so when I crawl back in from work wanting to throttle someone, anyone, at least I don’t have to do anything more taxing than sticking a dollop of it onto a plate and into the microwave.

Aduki Bean Casserole