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A Lasagne, a Lasagne, my kingdom for a Lasagne!


What do you mean, you don’t recognise a Shakespeare line when you see one?!! Peasants.

Been an entertaining week to be a vegetarian in the UK, what with the discovery that a number of ready-meals and meats sold by most of the major supermarket chains contain horsemeat, rather than beef or whatever other meat is mentioned on the packaging.  Beef lasagnes by the brand “Findus” have been singled out for particular approbrium (and piss-taking) as they are apparently at least 60-100% horsemeat.

We’re British.  You can imagine the bad jokes doing the rounds.  But I try not to pay too much attention to all the horseplay – let’s face it, the mane thing is to stay as stable as you can in the situation.

My freezer is however and coincidentally stocked with a large amount of frozen lasagne, all home-cooked and hopefully Equus-free. The recipe was cannibalised from a vegan recipe by UK chef Sonya Kidney; to re-veganise make the cheese sauce out of soy milk etc, or take out the cheese sauce and pasta entirely, grill rather than parboil the sweet potato, and use the grilled sweet potato slices as the “pasta” in the dish rather than the pasta.

Sweet potato, Leek & Spinach Lasagne