Aubergine, the new Purple



I’ve enjoyed them in a few dishes cooked by other people, but whenever I try and cook them myself, the results are less than pleasing. But let no-one say I’m afraid of a challenge! As such, I will over the next few days be trying out not one, but three, THREE, aubergine dishes. If after that I still can’t get the upper hand on this vegetable, I will admit defeat, bow out gracefully, and go back to courgettes.

So not only has the vegetable gauntlet been thrown down, but I intend to complicate matters by giving up milk and cheese for the duration. In the past when I’ve needed to lose some weight, veganising my diet for a while has worked quite well. And, well, there’s currently more of the Anxiouscook than there really should be, so cutting out these high-calorie items can’t hurt. A scratch round t’Internets suggests that a good substitute for parmesan (an ingredient in two of the three recipes in question), is grated walnut with salt and a touch of lemon, so I’ll be giving that a go as well.

What could possibly go wrong….? 😉

First up, will be melanzane alla parmigiana. Wish me luck….


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