Saturday saw the purchase of a new frying pan. To be fair, the old one had 1) lost its handle, necessitating complex and dangerous manoeuvres with a folded tea-towel over the hand to move it around the hob, and 2) was older than I am (another refugee from my Nan’s kitchen), and had got somewhat manky, beyond the ability of hot water and soap to fully cleanse.


Emboldened by my new purchase, I decided to experiment by picking up a couple of packs of grains I’ve not really tried to cook with before; pearl barley, and buckwheat. I dug around the internet for buckwheat recipes, and in the end gave up and improvised my own, which I think came out not too badly….


Egg-fried buckwheat with mushrooms and tomatoes
Cooked buckwheat, enough for one person
One egg, beaten and dusted with black pepper
Mushrooms, roughly cut
Spinach, minced
5 cherry tomatoes, halved
Chopped garlic
Two shallots, chopped
Olive oil

Heat the olive oil in a pan or wok, then gently fry the shallots and garlic in olive oil until golden.
Add the mushrooms and basil, cook until mushrooms are dark.
Add the tomatoes, stir for for a minute or two.
Either scramble the egg in a separate dish or (if you’re lazy like me), clear a corner in the main frying pan and scramble the egg next to the other ingredients. When cooked, mix in with the other ingredients.
Add the cooked buckwheat, stirfry until hot and well-mixed, then just at the end, stir-fry in the spinach, cook until slightly wilted but not mushy.
Season with salt and black pepper, and serve.


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