Walking’s a bit of free therapy for me – exercise and fresh air are good antidotes to mild drepression at the very least. My new flat, in the high-rise town centre of Tangleton, is actually also only 15 minutes walk from open downland and the local watermeadows. We have, incredibly, a lovely warm sunny day. I say incredibly, not solely because of a year of bad weather, but because it is a Bank holiday in the UK today and declaring a Bank holiday is, in UK urban folklore, effectively the same as holding a Native American rain-dance involving the entire population of 70 million people.

“Oh look, we have a three day weekend – lets hold a BBQ/drive to the beach/go camping/paint the outside of the house/get the garden sorted out!”

“Oh look, it’s pissing it down with rain. Quelle suprise.”

Back in history, when Tangleton was an industrial town, there was working canal attached to the town which took goods direct to London. This is now mostly dry and filled in, but there’s still a heritage trail that follows the old route, and takes in parts of the town the busy commuter and shopper wouldn’t normally see….

I think this sparkling clear brook is actually the river Angle, which is now mostly invisible in the town as it was routed underground during the modern redevelopment of Tangleton.


May blossom, as every plant in the area finally gets a decent dose of UV rays, and proceeds to explode…


Chalk downland on a sunny day – Tangleton Common. Don’t you want to follow that path forever…?


The church at Old Tangle, a small village outside Tangleton.


And for my American readers, an Olde Worlde cottage of the type commonly found in Old Tangle. Some hazard to life and limb was required to get the shot, as Old Tangle is so Olde Worlde that it doesn’t have many pedestrian pavements, and as Olde Worlde living these days requires a pretty serious income, Anxiouscook was in quite some danger from the expensive sports-cars whizzing back and forth through the village.


A lovely walk and nice to see the town in its historical context, rather than the modern and rather soulless collection of estates and high-rise offices that makes up the current Tangleton Experience.

Food-related post coming up shortly!


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