More Sunshine!


We have, for the second time this year, a lovely sunny bank holiday Monday. Not an absolute scorcher, but neither I nor 70 million other Brits are complaining. We’ll take whatever sunshine we can get!

My friends left half a bottle of moderately decent cider behind so I’m on the hunt for a cider-based recipe for dinner tonight. If I’m successful I’ll blog the results (probably whilst swaying gently and informing you all that you’re all “my besshtt friends”). In the meantime feel free to enjoy some photographs of the fine landscape and areas of historical interest around Tangleton…..


Chalk stream near Chez Anxiouscook.


Tangleton Fen (“fen” = watermeadows)


Tangleton House – in mediaeval times one of the largest private houses in England, destroyed in the Civil War by Thomas “Chuckles” Cromwell, now mostly consisting of picturesque ruins.


Tangleton House – Where I declare war on modern Tangleton using one of the old Civil War cannons! (Tangleton just visible in the distance).





Tangleton House, more ruins.


Tangleton House – the Walled Garden and replica of formal gardens of the period.


Walk back to Tangleton over the chalk downland.


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