Rice Dream


Oh dear. Oh dearie dearie me, I do feel unwell. Last week was a stressful one; off sick on Monday which put me on the back foot for the rest of the week, high targets to hit, plus uncooperative and frankly rude vendors/head-desk.

So having been very good and gone to the gym a few times to burn off stress and abstained from alcohol all week, I cracked last night and got phenomenally rat-arsed. And I am paying for it now oh dearie dearie me, so if y’all could surf the net a little more quietly I’d be very grateful.

I’m now nursing my third cup of tea whilst enjoying the sounds of late-era Level 42 (volume not too high), Earlier, with the unsteady-yet-laser precision of the still hammered I decided that something fried would be the answer to my prayers, preferably involving egg. I have, however, quite unforgivably forgotten to buy any eggs, so fried vegetable rice in a soy, sesame, ginger and chili sauce, it is….


Original recipe courtesy of Allegra McEvedy

Garlic, chopped finely
Two spring onions, chopped finely
White rice
Vegetable/s of choice (in this case chopped carrot)
Egg, beaten (if you’re not a spanner who’s forgotten to buy any)
Sesame oil
Soy sauce
Vegetable oil

Cook the rice as according to packet instructions and then drain.
Mix the soy, sesame oil, ginger and chilli in a bowl.
Heat water in a saucepan and boil the carrot slices. Drain, return to the still-hot pan then pour the sauce over the carrot and put the lid on the pan (but don’t put it back on the heat).
Heat vegetable oil in a wok, then briefly cook the garlic and spring onion. If you’re not a spanner that’s forgotten to buy any eggs, add the beaten egg at this point and scramble for a minute.
Add the rice and fry for five minutes.
Pour the rice into a dish, and pour the vegetable and sauce over it. Serve.


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