In which I return, alive, victorius, bearing gifts of rare spices and exotic plants……


…..or at least having survived the week with enough energy to reach the high shelf in the spice rack. My sole culinary inspiration in the last two days was to heat up some of Wednesday’s vegetable stew and eat it in a wholemeal, buttered bap…for breakfast. As a friend, I recommend this to you.

I now intend to kick back with a gallon of something purely medicinal and some nice food. And as I have a bowlful of vegetable stock and coconut milk left from Wednesday, a Thai-inspired (“Thaispiration”?) soup is just the thing….


Firm tofu, cubed
Half a carrot, sliced thinly width-ways
Handful mange tout
Broccoli, cut small
Minced garlic
Spring onion, cut finely
Vegetable stock
Coconut milk (or cream coconut dissolved in hot water)

I imagine you could swap the basil for lemongrass and a bit of lime, if that’s your preference. I did toy with adding some lemon juice but felt the “note” wouldn’t be quite right.

In a dry wok, heat the paprika and ginger (be generous with the amounts) until they become fragrant.
Add the spring onion, garlic and tofu. Mix
Add the coconut milk and vegetable stock. Heat on a quick simmer for 10 minutes.
Add the vegetables, basil (continue the generous theme – you’re worth it!) and salt.
Heat until bubbles, then simmer for desired taste and thickness of the soup (I’d say minimum 10).
Serve with rice.


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