The Noodle Panic


Now I know I introduced you to quite a while ago, as a beautiful vegetarian cookery blog. Was casting a tired eye over my store cupboards yesterday after a punishing session at the gym, looking for something quick but filling when I remembered her Slurp-tastic herb noodles recipe, and hey, I have coconut milk, tofu and noodles, plus I live on my own so can slurp, slather and salivate as much as I want, so why not?

Except I had no curry paste. Rummaging brought up some ancient curry powder, which I put to one side out of respect for its near-sentience. But I’ve got a cupboard full of other spices so, never fear, I’ll just Anxious it-up as I go along, right? So I heated up some coconut milk in the wok, and added a bit of golden cumin and coriander. Bit of ginger? No, too sweet with the dairyish coconut. Bit of scarlet chili powder. Mix it up, let it heat. Get over enthusiastic and throw in some garam masala as well. Check the ingredients label on garam masala. Spot both the ginger AND the cinnamon included. Meanwhile the coconut milk was starting to smell somewhat familiar. Oh glod, it’s all over again. Confronted with Eau de Rocking-horse a second time I swung (rocked?) into action, doubled the chili powder, added hurriedly-chopped spring onions, and then stunned the new species of Curryus Powderitis Ancientus with a metal spoon and fed it to the wok as well.

After a certain amount of simmering and salting the recipe finally came out fine, albeit a little richer than normal….


<!– The recipe, without the panic –>

Dried or fresh noodles (I used Sharwood medium egg noodles)
Tin coconut milk
Firm tofu, cubed
Spring onions, sliced widthways into pieces around half a cm long
Curry paste OR combination curry powder, chili powder, cumin, coriander
Chives, chopped finely
Hot vegetable stock

Boil a kettle.

Pour the tin of coconut milk into a wok and simmer, then add either the curry paste or the spices. Mix until well combined.
Make up a jug of hot vegetable stock with a stock cube and the water from the kettle. Add about the same amount in stock to the wok as you did in milk.
Bring to the boil.
Reduce to a simmer and add the tofu and salt for taste, plus additional spices if needed.
Add the rest of the kettle water to a pan, add salt and the noodles. Cook as to packet instructions and then drain.
Add the Spring onions and basil to the wok, simmer for a minute or two then add the noodles. Simmer for a minute more, then take off the heat.

Serve with a decent helping of kitchen towel to mop up the mess (she named it slurp-tastic for a reason!).


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