South Downs


Just cogitating another post about money and food. Will hopefully post later today (possibly with Bonus!Recipe, if you’re really unlucky). In the meantime I’ve been working, hanging out in the sunshine with friends and family, plus I chose a scorching July Saturday to walk a few hours on the South Downs Way , which meanders over the chalk downland between Winchester and Eastbourne (approximately 8-9 days walking if you do the whole thing).

From previous experiences of hiking for 4+ hours a day, I’ve found it actually kills your appetite (I once spent 3 days on a New Zealand hiking and kayaking trail with little more than dehydrated, reconstituted scrambled egg, trail mix* and cheap noodles to keep me going, and I don’t remember feeling particularly hungry). Certainly the vegetarian-sausage and tomato baps I’d prepared so carefully the night before, lost their savour, and ended up in a waste bin in Winchester at the end of the day. I did however step into a supermarket by Winchester train station on my way back, and picked up a bottle of cool, sparkling pear cider and some strong cheddar, which I heartily enjoyed back at Anxious Towers. A very English snack, steeped in the ancient landscape I’d spent the day wandering, and one a Mediaeval Anxious would have similarly enjoyed.

*dried fruit/nuts/chocolate

Ye Olde Water Mill, now run by National Trust Volunteers, and the beginning of the Way

Ye Olde M3 Motorway







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