A little bit more


So the menu for the week is sorted; the left-over broadbean hummus will go into Tupperware boxes along with some more chickpea flatbread, a bit of tomato and some sweet-potato falafels (more of those below). When that runs out, it’s back to spiced lentils in pitta breads (cheap pitta breads safely stored in the freezer). I’ve got a vegetable and kidney bean stew in the oven; that’s tonight’s dinner, and the rest goes to the freezer as well. The left-over mix of stock and coconut milk will make a day-or-so’s worth of thai-style noodles (sorting out the tofu and any random bits of veg), then again default either to the frozen stew, or baked beans on toast. For breakfast there’s bread, eggs and marmite. The aim is not to purchase any more food now, between here and the next official food-shop on Friday.

No matter how many pretty, pretty recipes I find on the internet (*howls*).

I’ve also splashed out on a bottle of wine, one of the fine vintages available in the sub-£4.00 per bottle range. This particular bottle of Chateau Chunder has hints of pear, lemon, the sun-soaked Californian landscape, and apple-based toilet bleach. An excellent accompaniment to pretty much anything, as the damage to your taste-buds will make even Linda McCartney sausages taste great.


Another Susannah Booth-based recipe, from the Guardian. The original calls for squash; expensive and a bugger to peel, so I went for sweet-potato. Suspect actually even normal potato could be used for these successfully. Very moreish indeed.

Sweet potato, boiled and mashed
Red onion, chopped finely
Garlic, chopped finely
Parsley, coriander, cumin, ginger
Decent dash of olive oil

Mix the above, and form into small balls.
Place on a baking tray and drizzle with oil (olive or vegetable).
Bake at 180 degrees until browned.


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