Little bit of what you fancy


So with a decent back-up of the basics already in the cupboard, I get to decide what regular habits get the chop. Smirnoff vodka and expensive coffee-shop lattes are easy victims (and it can’t hurt the Anxious waistline to drop these). Quorn is off the menu. Vegetables and pulses I buy as normal (although the focus is more towards carrots and potatoes than aubergines and asparagus). Tofu adds a bit of protein balance (and a £2 pack can make 3 meals) so that stays. And I allow myself one “luxury” (this week, a small pack of own-brand black olives), and an “experimental” (pack of frozen broad beans) so I still have an excuse to try out recipes in this blog, which I enjoy very much, (even if everyone else reading has given up and fecked off to McDonalds… 😉 ). So I bring to you, broadbean hummus and chickpea & tomato flatbread…

Original recipe from Susannah Booth in the Guardian, and is apparently gluten-free, although they caution to watch out for ground spices which may have had wheat products added.

Standard chickpea flatbread recipe as detailed in Hot Chick Peas. Grease up the pan, and then layer in the leftover tomato sauce from the last recipe, and some cooked red lentils. Pour over the batter and cook as usual.

Defrosted or tinned broad beans
Tinned chickpeas
Olive Oil
Lemon juice
Salt/black pepper

Simmer the beans and chickpeas for 25 minutes.
Drain, and mash with the other ingredients.
Season to taste.

Add to serving bowl, and create a hollow in the hummus. Pour in some olive oil and sprinkle with paprika. Serve with slices of the flatbread.



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