Back in black


Things are looking up in Anxiousworld. The austerity drive means that come August payday I should be just about back in the black, and the September payday should put me back where I should be i.e. paying the bills with a bit left over to shove in the savings account (ladies, never ever underestimate the psychological and practical benefits for a woman of having a bit of a nest-egg – it makes it just that bit more difficult for the world to “get” at you when you can afford that emergency cab fare/that deposit on a flat in a safer area/leave a job where someone with a history of abusing women has been promoted to Big Boss).

Speaking of women doing the best of what they can with what they have, I mentioned A Girl Named Jack in a previous post. She’s gained some fame in the UK for a blog about her attempts to feed herself and her child as healthily and cheaply as possible, on the scant income of an unemployed single parent. Here she talks about it, whilst demonstrating how to make some tasty-looking kidney bean, carrot and cumin burgers.

So naturally I had to make an Anxious version, and oh look! There’s a tin of butter beans at the back of the cupboard I should really do something with. I’ve got the carrot and I think, given how bland butter beans tend to be, that I should chuck in some ginger to go with the cumin…


Chopped white onion
Grated carrot
Tin of butter beans, drained
Salt and black pepper
Vegetable oil

Put REM’s “Best of” CD on to play.
Open the windows to enjoy the cool, rainy air.
Puzzle over the number of blue-lit police cars heading up behind the trees to Tangleton train station. But you don’t hear any explosion or gun-shots, so go back to the task in hand (my standards regarding urban disruption are very high).
Drain the tin of beans, pour into a saucepan filled with fresh water. Boil, then simmer for 15 minutes.
Heat some vegetable oil in a wok, and gently fry the onion.
Add the carrot, ginger and cumin, fry for 5 minutes.
Drain the beans, and mash into a smooth paste. Add a little oil if they seem too dry.
Mix the beans with the vegetables, and salt/pepper to taste.
Form the mixture into small balls, then flatten into discs. Add a little flour if they’re not binding properly.
In a saucepan or wok, heat some oil and then fry the burgers on both sides until lightly browned.
Serve with a dab of mayo or other condiment of choice.


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