Pad Tangle


Monday Night Blues left me with a desire to drink a vast amount of vodka. I managed to turn right at the Alcohol Aisle though and spent the money instead on the ingredients of an over-complicated Pad Thai (complete with egg “netting”*) that was edible enough but didn’t really hit the spot. Bit of a Tofu-Dog’s Dinner as you can see:



The supermarket didn’t have any tamarind sauce, so I went with a “Tamarind & Date Chutney” as the emergency alternative, which turned out in itself to be a Thing of Great Beauty & Wonder. I’m already having tentative thoughts involving the rice-flour pancakes from the other week….


The Pad Thai did leave me with some lime juice and shallots going begging though, and I still need lunch sorting, so I had a go at, together with some pitta breads and salad.


Red Lentil, Tomato and Shallot Dip

The original calls for sun-dried tomatoes, which I think would definitely be the optimum version. As have blown spare food budget on Pad Dog’s Dinner, had to settle for tomato puree. The resulting pate was quite full-bodied but tangy due to the tahini and lime – perfectly adequate for a quick lunchbox filler. IGOR! UNLEASH THE CARROT STICKS!!

Red lentils
Lime juice
Olive oil
Finely chopped shallots
Generous dollop of tomato puree

Cook the red lentils until soft, as according to packet instructions, then drain.
Heat olive or vegetable oil in a wok, lightly fry the shallots, adding salt and cumin.
Take off the heat, and mix the ingredients to taste, then mash or food-process to desired consistency.


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