La Belle Beans Sans Merci


I own a toaster, but don’t use it that often, as it usually proves to be more effective as an ad-hoc tester of the smoke alarm than as a purveyor of tastily-charred bread product.

I forgot this fact today and tried toasting two halves of pitta bread, which were then hastily removed from the toaster and shoved under the cold tap whilst I waved a kitchen-towel over the toaster itself, whilst trying to get the window open, whilst trying to start up the extractor fan, whilst being in possession of only two arms, neither of which are 8 feet long.

Fortunately the alarm didn’t go off, and so my evening is, sadly, free of Hunky Firemen. However, I thought I would bring a hint of French sophistication to this evening’s meal, Pain au Bean des Tomatoe avec Fromage. Any resemblance to a common, economical and much-loved British dish are, of course, entirely coincidental……..


One pitta bread, split in half. Toasted (if you can do so without burning down the Neighbourhood)
Tin baked beans
Soft cheese
Tomato ketchup

Lay the two halves of the pitta bread side by side in a dish
Butter both
Add soft cheese to one, and marmite to the other
Heat the beans, and pour over the dish
Swirl ketchup over the beans


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