Northern Star


I hit the North Downs Way this time, just for a couple of hour’s hiking, after 50 minutes on the train next to a really annoying couple having a continual and high-volume Almost-Argument.

The weather today was supposedly going to be cloudy but dry (it rained, heavily, thank the Grods for cheap pac-a-macs in a bag). Also we are allegedly going to be hit by a major storm on Monday – one to match the 1987 gale that blew over around 15 million trees.

Judging by the howling wind outside, BigStorm2013 is moving way ahead of schedule. As such I offer up these photos from the hike, including shots of trees, on the basis that in 48 hours those trees may no longer exist……


The river Wey.


A carpet of orange/red/yellow beech leaves.


“Fairy Ring” of mushrooms.


Road up a gigantic bloody hill. Which is regrettably part of the North Downs Way. So therefore gigantic bloody hill must be walked up.


Sandstone cliff, carved by water, plus bonus North Downs Way sign-post.


Cherry tree on the river Wey.


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