Hold back the River


So it’s Friday and I’ve survived another week at work, and I’ve been to the supermarket (Russian Standard Vodka! Tenner a Bottle! Cockles and Mussels Alive-O!) and then to the gym and I will be sensible and have an early night, which is why I’m up typing this at 01.40am of course.

Friday night dinners lack the urgency of week-night meals. You can stick some defrosted bean chilli in a baking tray and then into the oven, as per usual, but it’s possible then to kick back, relax, refill your drink, and experiment with home-made pancakes, flat breads or crepes as an accompaniment. Tonight’s show was originally going to come courtesy of the rice-flour pancakes I’ve touted here a couple of times before. Except I appear to have lost the knack of making these delicate crepes; what I ended up with after an hour of repeated stirring, pouring and frying would have made an excellent coconut-flavoured wallpaper paste, but was sod-all use otherwise.

Undaunted (and bloody starving) I moved onto these gram flour pancakes, also from 101cookbooks http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/silverdollar-socca-recipe.html. Fortunately these were a little more robust, and with a dash of tomato chutney, (I’d eaten the bean chilli long before), made a fine supper.



Mugfull of soy milk (or normal milk)
Vinegar, generous capful (I used balsamic)
One egg, beaten
Gram (chickpea) flour
Spoonful mustard
Decent dash of cumin
Vegetable oil

Add the vinegar to the milk. Leave for a few minutes to combine.
Mix all the ingredients except the oil and whisk to a medium-thick batter (add water if necessary).
Leave for 15 minutes.
Re-whisk, and heat a small amount of vegetable oil in a frying pan.
Pour a small amount (2/3rds of a small ladle) of the batter into the frying pan. This should form a small pancake.
Fry on a medium high heat, flip the pancake when firm and brown the other side as well.
Serve fresh from the pan, with a dab of tomato chutney.


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