Broad bean fritters


Awoke this morning to a sand-papered throat and clamping headache. Application of breakfast and black tea made with honey didn’t shift the issue noticeably, so I made a call to work, refilled my hot water bottle and went back to bed and to bizarre dreams of being a beauty products auditor*, interspersed with snatches of Radio 4.

Eventually I resurfaced in the early afternoon, to field a couple of calls about my mother. We agreed that if I’m potentially infectious I won’t visit tonight or tomorrow, barring serious deterioration on her part (at which point it won’t matter anyway).

My original plan for Monday night dinner had been Bibimbap, but I didn’t really feel up to something that complex. There are however some frozen broad-beans that need using up, so I had a shot at a version of Deena Kakaya’s Broad Bean & Paneer fritters – comfort food with minimal prep but a good dose of healthy green veg, spices and protein – ideal for the unwell….


*no resemblance whatsoever to my actual job in a technical field(!)

The original calls for paneer – I don’t have any, so I did half the fritters with mashed tofu, and half with grated cheddar cheese – both seemed to work quite well

Broadbeans, frozen then defrosted by leaving in a bowl of cold water for an hour
Cumin, coriander, garam masala, chilli powder
Grated cheddar cheese
Firm tofu, mashed
One egg, beaten, to act as binder
Gram flour
Lemon juice

Shuck the beans out of their skins, and discard the outer skin, leaving the bright green inner beans.
Add to boiling water for a minute or so, drain.
Heat vegetable oil in a wok or frying pan.
Mash the beans with the tofu, half of the spices, lemon juice and egg, then whisk in the gram flour.
Add water if necessary. What you want is a mixture thick enough to be formed into small burgers.
Salt, and form into small burgers. Place in the wok and fry on both sides until golden.
Drain on kitchen paper, and serve.

For the cheese version – as above, but substitute cheese for tofu. Please note these burgers seem to cook a little more quickly than the tofu-based ones.


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