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Mung the Merciless


After 12 years as a vegetarian, I have finally caved in and bought a packet of mung beans.

I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

Whilst they soaked away in a tin bowl, I had a go at this store-cupboard friendly recipe, “East African Lentils”, served with a dollop of greek yogurt last night, and then re-heated and topped with chunks of cheddar cheese for lunch today. I also think it would go well with a scrambled or fried egg on top.


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Vegetable & Borlotti Bean Stew


Weather still rainy, grey and miserable. Bits of the country underwater/cut-off for the third week running (Hi Somerset!). And the electricity bill and rent on AnxiousFlat has just gone up (although not by as much as it could have on the rent, due to my negotiating skills, hard-won knowledge of the UK renting market, plus a hint of “you must be bloody joking, right? Do I look stupid?”).

Time for a comforting and economical vegetable and bean stew, methinks!


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Chilli Con Carne Burgers


Had an attack of Sod This For A Game of Larks! Tuesday night, so rather than wrestling with the contents of the fridge, went and bought Quorn mince, a tin of kidney beans and a jar of ready-prepared chilli con carne sauce. Bung it all in the wok, faff about a bit with extra chilli powder and tomato puree, and the result is a bowl of spicy chilli heaven, with minimum work. A bit of bread to dip in it? A glass of dry white wine?

Sod the hair products, this is Because I’m Worth It.

Was a little more frugal tonight, and stretched out the remaining chilli with some wholemeal breadcrumbs and an egg, creating enough burgers for a light supper and also a lunchbox for Friday.


(You may note in the picture above the jar of Sussex Valley Garlic Mayonnaise – I am not sponsored by them, but would like to be. My sister bought me this jar to stop me raiding her stash).

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Bring Up the Solanaceae


Say hi to the Red Hot Cayenne Chilli Peppers! Sans socks!* One brave plant produced all five of these, but at this time of year they won’t ripen due to lack of sunlight, so I picked them rather than let the plant waste further energy on them. I’m not sure how long cayenne plants live, but as they’ve made it this far would be nice to give them a chance at fruiting when there’s some proper sun going. Heard from a casual Pilipino acquaintance that they use the leaves a lot there, as well as the fruit – might have to google recipes. It hadn’t occurred to me before to try these, but then I’m cautious about experimenting with unknown bits of plants of the Nightshade family…


*Possibly NSFW

In between plant-wrestling I’ve knocked up a white bean bake. Enjoy.

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Lentil and Quorn Mince Moussaka


Seasoned Anxious-Watchers may remember this post, where I tried, and utterly failed, to cook an edible moussaka:

However, hope springs eternal in the Anxious breast, and when I spotted this I thought I’d have another go….

I’m now scarfing down a second bowlful of the stuff, so let’s assume that I’ve got it right this time…..


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A Sort of Homecoming


Something weird seems to have happened to the blog’s font….?/Bl***yWordPress.

EDIT: Seems to have been sorted/Bl***yWordPress.

Had a go at tarka dal ( – came out alright, but not so amazing that I’ll recommend it to you at this moment. May have another try next week…

In the meantime have been perfecting my rice-flour pancakes recipe. So, if you’re ending up with lukewarm riceflour & coconut grouting-paste, rather than edible pancakes, I would suggest trying the following tricks; add more beaten egg to the mixture, use butter rather than oil in the frying-pan, heat the butter just before the point of burning before pouring on the batter, cook the batter at high-medium-high heat, move the pan around to distribute the heat equally across the pancake (important if you have a big saucepan, otherwise the edges won’t firm enough for you to flip the pancake successfully).

And be patient, young Padawan. Rice flour seems to take just that slightly bit longer than other flours to turn from batter to firm pancake.

Then eat, with a burningly-spicy tomato chutney.



Mushrooms & Bones


Busy day.

Stayed over at my sister’s last night, finally caught up with the season opener of Sherlock, Season 3…./BLOGPOST REDACTED FOR OVER-OBSESSIVE FAN-GIRLING ABOUT BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH’S CHEEKBONES/.

(okay, okay, you didn’t need to shout! Though they are quite fabulous you must adm/REDACTED SO AS NOT TO BORE READERS FURTHER/).

Eventually left this morning after tea and toast with peanut butter, got back to Anxiousflat at 1230ish (via Boots and Sainsbury’s). Beeswaxed my new coffee table. Took down the Xmas decorations. Found my pinking-shears and some spare bits of fabric for a quilt my sister is making (scraps of black and dove-grey silk from Singapore, and the remains of a glorious metallic blue-and-purple curtain, vintage probably 1970s judging by the sheer disrespect it shows for subtlety, taste and decency).

Put on some laundry. Put away the dishes. Grated carrot and courgette and mixed gram flour with spices for a few days’ worth of spiced breakfast pancake ( Experimented with a puy lentil and tahini dip, the results going into a couple of lunch boxes with brown bread, salad and soft cheese (will report back when recipe perfected. Orange juice may need to be involved somewhere). Trekked back across town in the rain for Sunday dinner with my father and sister (they ate pork, I ate an Edamame, mint and lemon bake – you’ll have to ask Asda’s frozen foods section for the recipe).

Finally got back to my flat and decided I have enough time to sort out dinner for tomorrow as well. One of my Christmas gifts was a little pot of dried mushrooms (porcini, oyster and shiitake), so I took a punt at a version of this:


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