Mushrooms & Bones


Busy day.

Stayed over at my sister’s last night, finally caught up with the season opener of Sherlock, Season 3…./BLOGPOST REDACTED FOR OVER-OBSESSIVE FAN-GIRLING ABOUT BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH’S CHEEKBONES/.

(okay, okay, you didn’t need to shout! Though they are quite fabulous you must adm/REDACTED SO AS NOT TO BORE READERS FURTHER/).

Eventually left this morning after tea and toast with peanut butter, got back to Anxiousflat at 1230ish (via Boots and Sainsbury’s). Beeswaxed my new coffee table. Took down the Xmas decorations. Found my pinking-shears and some spare bits of fabric for a quilt my sister is making (scraps of black and dove-grey silk from Singapore, and the remains of a glorious metallic blue-and-purple curtain, vintage probably 1970s judging by the sheer disrespect it shows for subtlety, taste and decency).

Put on some laundry. Put away the dishes. Grated carrot and courgette and mixed gram flour with spices for a few days’ worth of spiced breakfast pancake ( Experimented with a puy lentil and tahini dip, the results going into a couple of lunch boxes with brown bread, salad and soft cheese (will report back when recipe perfected. Orange juice may need to be involved somewhere). Trekked back across town in the rain for Sunday dinner with my father and sister (they ate pork, I ate an Edamame, mint and lemon bake – you’ll have to ask Asda’s frozen foods section for the recipe).

Finally got back to my flat and decided I have enough time to sort out dinner for tomorrow as well. One of my Christmas gifts was a little pot of dried mushrooms (porcini, oyster and shiitake), so I took a punt at a version of this:


Pot of dried mushrooms
One small leek, chopped into pieces widthways
Four decent-sized white button mushrooms, peeled and sliced thinly widthways
Two cloves garlic, minced
One small carrot and half a sweet potato (or other root veg)
Salt and black pepper
Olive oil
Margarine (or butter)
Soft cheese or mascarpone (in this case supermarket Own Brand soft cheese)

Pour the pot of mushrooms into a bowl, and cover with hot water. Leave for 15 minutes.
Heat olive oil in a wok, and gently heat the garlic.
Add the mushrooms and leek, heat at medium high for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Add the dried mushrooms and the water they’ve soaked in, plus thyme and black pepper.
Simmer for 20 minutes.
Cut the carrot and sweet potato with a sharp knife or peeler into thin shavings (for the sweet potato I would recommend leaving the skin on, as it caramelises beautifully when heated)
Heat the margarine or butter in a pan, gently fry the shavings for 10 minutes with a dash of parsley and some salt and black pepper.
Take everything off the heat. Layer the vegetables in a dish, pour over some of the mushroom mixture, then add a dollop of soft cheese on top.


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