A Sort of Homecoming


Something weird seems to have happened to the blog’s font….?/Bl***yWordPress.

EDIT: Seems to have been sorted/Bl***yWordPress.

Had a go at tarka dal (http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/tarkadal_90055) – came out alright, but not so amazing that I’ll recommend it to you at this moment. May have another try next week…

In the meantime have been perfecting my rice-flour pancakes recipe. So, if you’re ending up with lukewarm riceflour & coconut grouting-paste, rather than edible pancakes, I would suggest trying the following tricks; add more beaten egg to the mixture, use butter rather than oil in the frying-pan, heat the butter just before the point of burning before pouring on the batter, cook the batter at high-medium-high heat, move the pan around to distribute the heat equally across the pancake (important if you have a big saucepan, otherwise the edges won’t firm enough for you to flip the pancake successfully).

And be patient, young Padawan. Rice flour seems to take just that slightly bit longer than other flours to turn from batter to firm pancake.

Then eat, with a burningly-spicy tomato chutney.




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