Butter Up


Recommendation: watch The Heat, an odd-couple buddy movie with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McConnell. Seriously. It’s ruddy hilarious and you will never see Tic Tacs in the same way again…..

Nuts, nut butter and nut oils are generally high calorie, but as a vegetarian I don’t feel too bad about (moderate) consumption of them, due to all that proteiny goodness, and the fact that a little can go quite a long way. So when Nigel Slater popped this recipe onto the Observer website I rushed out to buy one of those pre-packed Stew Packs of root vegetables that appear magically in supermarkets this time of year.



One swede
Two carrots
One parship
One courgette
One stick of celery
One medium onion
(All of the above chopped into large chunks)
Vegetable stock
Large tablespoon smooth low fat peanut butter
Handful cashew nuts
One bayleaf
High quality extra-virgin olive oil (if you were lucky enough to receive a gigantic bottle of it for Xmas – otherwise bog-standard olive oil)

Place the chopped vegetables into a baking tray, and drizzle with olive oil.
Bake in the oven at 150ish for 40 minutes.
Heat up the vegetable stock in a wok or large pan, and add a bay leaf, peanut butter and the cashew nuts, stir well.
When the butter has dissolved, drain the oil from the vegetables and add them to the wok.
Salt lightly and simmer for 25 minutes.


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