Peasant-Hunting Season


Sorry about the quiet period – been very busy at work and not had chance to try out any new recipes. But I managed to squeeze a new one in today, just for you! Consider it a late Valentine’s gift, with extra cabbage, if you will.

Ahh, sundried tomatoes in olive oil, how I adore you. Got a jar for Xmas and finally caved in and opened it. I always swear I’ll save the tomato-infused oil and use it on something special; what actually happens is that I end up pouring it into a bowl, scooping it up with bread and salt and scarfing it down in a very unladylike oil-dribbling-down-your-chin kind of way. And they were perfect for the below recipe, as a strong-tasting, oily, chewy vegetarian substitute for anchovies….

(excitingly-blurry photo of said dish will be up when my new computer stops firkin’ about – Bloody Windows 8).

EDIT: Got it! (bloody Windows 8).


Slices of bread, torn into large chunks
Garlic, chopped
Half an onion, chopped
Decent handful of sundried tomatoes, chopped into chunks (if you don’t have these, I reckon black or green olives might be a good substitute)
Couple slices cheddar
Parmesan, or other grated hard cheese
Around a third of a savoy cabbage, torn/chopped into medium small chunks
Hot vegetable stock
Olive oil

Lightly grill or toast the bread, until firm but not burnt.
Heat the olive oil in a wok or saucepan on medium high, heat the garlic for 30 seconds until fragrant.
Add the onion, fry for a minute or so, until very lightly golden.
Add the cabbage, salt and tomatoes, stirfry gently for a few minutes.
Heat the oven to 180 degrees.
Get a large casserole or baking dish and layer the ingredients as follows: bread, cabbage mix, cheddar/parmesan/nutmeg, bread, cabbage mix, cheddar/parmesan/nutmeg, bread, and a final generous sprinkle on the top of parmesan.
Pour the hot stock over it until near the top of the mix.
Bake in oven for 25 – 30 minutes, serve hot.


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