Cracking Gromits, Cheese


Last night my sister and I made a change to our usual Hummus Night extravaganza, and went for Cheese Board Night instead. There was unsalted butter, oatcakes, three kinds of crispbread, garlic Roule, Applewood, Wensleydale with Cranberries, Cheddar with caramelised red onion, smoked German cheese, and a rather stonking Cheddar with lime juice and chilli (complete with pleasingly chilli-esque afterburn to the tastebuds). We then watched The Sapphires (top movie, ladies), which reminded me to upload my Best of Marvin Gaye CD to my new computer (‘cos everyone needs a little Soul in their life sometimes).

I still had the other half of the savoy cabbage to use up, so redid the dish from the Peasant-Hunting Season post with the left-over Applewood and smoked German cheese. The result was pleasant enough, but I think really it’s a dish that stands on its own merits with a plain cheese/parmesan.


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