What did the Romans ever do for us…?


Spring is here. The birdsong has that extra urgent edge. Every hedgerow rings with it. Crocuses, daffodils, snowdrops and blossom are bursting out all over, carefully sculptured by Mother Nature to provide a flare of florescent and pastel colours after months of grey twigs and brown floodwater. Slow, fat bumblebees rumble past on invisible air-borne rails, direct to the nearest pollen explosion. And of course, in the midst of all this rapidly expanding fecundity an Anxiouscook’s thoughts turn naturally to BLOODY HELL I CAN GO OUT HIKING AGAIN NOW.

Hey, I never claimed to be the romantic type.

An old Roman road cuts through one side of Tangleton. Some of it is now incorporated into the modern road network; other parts shrink down to bridle-path and track….









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