Hummus in the Roomus: the Return of the Revenge of the Son of the Zombie Garbanzo Bride


Note to self: buy a red onion. Tonight we shall feast on home-made hummus, salad and crispbreads. As such I need something light as the main course, some sort of stew with maybe a bit of dipping bread, to leave enough room for the Chickpeastravagnza? Oh hello Good Food, how convenient of you to drop by with this bean and tomato stew…..

Original can be found here:


Half a white onion, chopped into small chunks
Two shallots, likewise
Half a carrot, Likewise
Two tins chopped tomatoes
Tin of white beans (the original called for butterbeans, I only had cannellini)
Tomato puree
Some kind of hot sauce or harissa (in this case tomato chutney)
Olive oil

Gently fry the onion, shallots and carrot in the olive oil, stirring.
Add the tomatoes and puree and simmer gently for 15 minutes.
Add the beans, salt, parsley, harissa, heat through gently for 10 minutes.


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