Red & Green


Sorry about the radio silence – work is manic. It’s 2014’s first financial quarter end, UK financial year end, and quite possibly the End of the World’s Financial End as well. Plus the Financial End of the World. But I spotted these two, which put together look rather pretty don’t you think? Of course I forgot to buy any white wine for the risotto. And forgot to add the butter to the chicken dish. And the risotto rice isn’t uncooked arborio but some left-over cooked white long-grain*. And I didn’t have any white onion so had to use a couple of shallots. And I nearly forgot to buy the savoy cabbage, necessitating a mad dash back across the supermarket (thank you, patient Supermarket Cashier Person).

The rice dish is courtesy of, whilst the “chicken” curry comes from a Reader’s Recipe Swap – Curry in the same newspaper, which had disappeared from the online edition by the time I got home and was therefore created, from scratch, from memory. Valiant Curry Recipe Provider, I salute you, and apologise for any omissions. (Apart from the omission of actual chicken of course).


*you have no idea how much fuss The Right Rice was causing over at the Comments section on the Jack Monroe recipe….

Chicken & Tomato Curry

Quorn chicken pieces (firm tofu, cubed could be another good veggie substitute perhaps?)
6 tomatoes, chopped into medium chunks
Tomato puree
One large green chilli, deseeded and chopped finely
Butter (optional, it would appear)

It’s not often I’m prescriptive about these things, but I really would suggest using fresh tomatoes and chilli rather than tinned and powdered on this, to get the full benefit of what is a very simple dish ingredients-wise. I’d also suggest that if you’ve got decent, ripe tomatoes don’t bother with the puree, but I had a mix of ripe vined and pre-packed plastic-y ones* so thought I’d give it that extra boost.

– Heat oil in a wok to medium high, then add the chicken pieces and stirfry till brown.
– Add the tomatoes, puree, chilli and salt, stir well.
– Lower the heat and simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
– Add a knob of butter at the end, and serve.

*you know the slightly-orangey ones that stay at just-shy-of-ripe for a week, then turn into biological waste? Those ones.

Rice Dish Thing

Precooked white long grain rice
Large clove garlic, minced
Two shallots, chopped finely
Small dash of balsamic vinegar (to replace the wine, use white wine otherwise)
Hot vegetable stock
Finely chopped savoy cabbage
Defrosted frozen peas

– Heat the oil in a pan, and stirfry the shallots and garlic for a minute or so.
– Add the rice, stir for a minute. Add a small dribble of balsamic vinegar (or a larger amount of wine if you’ve remembered to buy some).
– Add some stock, stir occasionally until absorbed, then add a little more if necessary. Continue for 10-12 minutes.
– Add the cabbage, peas, parsley and a little salt, heat through for a couple of minutes, then serve.


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