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Oatcake Chaos


I don’t often eat porridge for breakfast, as although it’s an economical and healthy dish, I tend to find it makes me sluggish for a couple of hours afterwards.  (Not to mention the joy of chipping the concrete-like remains off the saucepan when I get home in the evening).  However I had a bit of success this week using a version of the below bannock recipe, balanced with some protein in the form of scrambled egg, or soft cheese with marmite, which gives the slow-burn benefit of the oats without leaving me feeling like a python that’s eaten a particularly fat goat…

Jack’s recipe is all oats as she food-processes some of them to provide a smoother element to the dough.  Lacking such modern mechanical fripperies I substituted a little wheat flour – the result still had that distinctive oat crunch.


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Ich Will


Oh, it’s raining again.  Oh well, in these situations one can only kick back, turn up the volume on a Kerrang! heavy-metal compilation on the iTunes (hi Rammstein!), and look to yet another comforting soup.

One of the Seven Wonders of Tangleton is the small Cash & Carry/Off-Licence shop hidden behind the White Lion Hotel at the top of the town centre.  Every possible type of flour, spice, herb and lentil that an Anxious can stagger home carrying.  Today’s haul included a huge bottle of soy sauce, coconut cream, two tins chickpeas, zaatar, somaq and chives, for a princely £8.  Unfortunately this frugality was somewhat blown by having to buy miso from the Marks & Sparks Foodhall, as no other bugger in Tangleton appears to stock the stuff.  And even then it is a miso and ginger “recipe” paste, rather than miso paste / firstworldproblems.

Still, mustn’t grumble.  The ginger ended up as quite a nice note in the below soup recipe…..

Original recipe from here:



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Was woken up at around 7.30am by an enormous crack of thunder, followed by the scent and sound of heavy rain.  I retreated deeply under the duvet and stayed there, occasionally poking out a big toe to see if the temperature had increased.

Eventually was forced to surface so I could go to the gym and run a few other errands, but the weather has continued Miserable, with a Side-order of Heavy Precipitation.  Fortunately I spotted just the antidote over at, which also conveniently put paid to a quarter jar of Balti curry paste that was lurking menacingly at the back of the fridge…..


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Spring Clean


…well that’s the spring clean of the flat 95% done – just need to scrub the hob and clean the fridge, then no housework for another 12 months LOL.

Took a break for a nourishing noodle soup – original can be found here


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Coriander Crush


Was back at work for one day after the four day bank holiday, but now have the rest of the week off.

Go Anxious!

Slept in till midday, then celebrated my slothful lifestyle with a late breakfast of spicy omelette in garlic and coriander naan bread….


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Summer of 63


The supermarket had an aubergine marked down to 63p.  I bought it with the vague idea of a curry, but after consulting the Oracle of the Fridge picked up this Jack Monroe aubergine “meatballs” recipe to try instead….


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