The kids aren’t behaving themselves.  All yellowing leaves and weird white spots and general teenage misery.  I think I’ve identified Steve’s problem (not quite enough water, could do with a re-pot).  I’m hazarding a guess that Spike has had too much direct sunlight, plus apparently watering lucky bamboos with tap water can create a build-up of harmful chemicals round the roots.  Have moved him to a slightly shadier spot and applied bottled water.*  The cayennes might be a little over-watered and googling the symptoms suggests lack of magnesium.  Raided Wilko for magnesium feed (“Epsom salts”) but no joy.  Will re-pot and see what that does.

Despite the Babybio-sitting, today has been quite pleasant.  Sunny day, bank holiday plus a week off in close view, and a raid of the local Tesco reveals not only a half-price offer on savoy cabbages (40p for a cabbage!**), but a half-price selection box of various cheeses for £4 (for over half a kilo of brie, cheddar, Wensleydale with cranberries, blue Stilton, smoked cheese, red Leicester and Edam).  My freezer now groans with milk-based comestibles, and lunch for the next couple of days will be pasta with green lentils and smoked cheese.  Hmmm, olive oil or the merest drizzle of mayonnaise I wonder…….?


*Spoiled brat.  He’ll want a PlayStation next.

**Yes, I need to get out more


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