I bought a novel, some perfume, a fortune all for you


‘Tis the Easter Bank Holiday in the UK, which in true UK fashion means it’s raining, hard.  Went to the gym and then wandered back through the shopping mall past darkened, shuttered shops, listening to the rain drum on the roof.  Bought a latte from Costas – the only things open are the chain coffee boutiques, which to be fair would probably open even during the Apocalypse, if there was the chance to flog just one last chocolate enormo-muffin before Death swept through on his white steed, gleaming scythe in hand, and decapitated the baristas.

But I digress.

I’m heavy on tinned goods at the moment, but the fridge is a Spartan waste of odds and ends of veggies.  So knocked together an impromptu lunch of chickpea-and-mushroom burgers in the last wholemeal tortilla wrap, with a dash of tomato chutney…


Tin of chickpeas, drained then mashed

One third of a leek, chopped finely

Four mushrooms, skinned and chopped finely

One spring onion, chopped finely

Large clove garlic, chopped finely

Lemon juice

Curry powder


Vegetable oil


Heat the oil in a wok, then add the garlic, spring onion, leek and mushrooms.  Fry gently then add the curry powder and lemon juice.  Fry until the mushrooms are golden.

Mix with the crushed chickpeas and salt to taste.

Take a handful of the burger mix and form into a burger shape.  Pour a little more oil into the wok and shallow fry until lightly browned on both sides.  (these are quite moist and I think might be okay on a grill as well, if the grill is covered with foil to stop them falling apart.  I think next time I’ll also add a little wheat or chickpea flour to firm the mixture up).





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