Spring Clean


…well that’s the spring clean of the flat 95% done – just need to scrub the hob and clean the fridge, then no housework for another 12 months LOL.

Took a break for a nourishing noodle soup – original can be found here http://inpursuitofmore.com/2014/02/19/10-minute-meal-butternut-squash-ramen-bowl-with-rice-noodles-tofu-fresh-pea-shoots/


1/3 block firm tofu, cubed

One spring onion, chopped finely

Decent handful mange tout

Dry rice noodles

Hot vegetable stock

Tin butternut soup (feel free to try other soup varieties)

Soy sauce


Mix the stock and soup and heat until bubbling.  Add a generous dash of soy sauce.

Add the tofu, mange tout, spring onion, and noodles.  Stir.

Simmer for 5-10 minutes, until noodles are soft.




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