Barefoot Lady


There’s a crooked white strip across the nail of a couple of my toes.  My chiropodist looked at it briefly, then asked if I’d been under a “lot of stress”, maybe around about 5 months ago?

Interesting how emotion works its way through the body.

BBQ weekend left me stuffed full of deliciously-charcoaled goodies, plus now the proud owner of some leftovers that we couldn’t quite stuff into the furnace – a red pepper and four large mushrooms.  I think the pepper might find a safe home in a couple of one-egg breakfast omelettes with a little feta cheese.  The mushrooms however joined a home-made fake chorizo in a hearty stew; not the prettiest thing you’ll ever see sitting on your stove, but a classic rib-sticker, and maybe a great camping stew as well, for those of you heading out, optimistically, into the Bank Holiday weekend with a tent, a saucepan, and a bottle of cheap wine……

Original found here…



Mushroom, Chorizo & Bean Stew

Chorizo, of whatever kind, sliced.  Substitute other spicy sausage as appropriate
Tin baked beans
Tin tomatoes
Half a red onion
Decent handful of frozen peas, defrosted
3 large flat mushrooms, chopped
Vegetable oil

Put on “Dr John – Best of the Night Tripper“.  CD2, track 4 (Iko Iko) onwards.  Boogie on down.

Heat a little vegetable oil in a wok, fry the chorizo for a few minutes, then drain on kitchen towel.

Saute the onion in a little oil, add paprika, stir fry briefly.  Add the chorizo, baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and peas, plus a little water if necessary.

Stop to groove to “Janko Partner“.  Mind out for the coffee table!

Heat on a high simmer for 10-15 minutes, until mushrooms are tender.  Serve.  Garlic bread would be a cracking accompaniment to this.



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