“…so fat on death my body burst, but enough about me!”


For the final course of tonight’s extravaganza, I present a subtle yet satisfying leek fritter with sauce….



Leek & Egg Fritters with Sauce

For the fritters: one small leek, chopped finely, two eggs, beaten, sesame oil, vegetable oil
For the sauce: water, dry white wine, sugar, soy sauce, corn flour

Lightly fry the leek in a small amount of vegetable oil, set aside.  When cool mix with a little salt, and the eggs.

Heat the wine, soy, water and sugar in a saucepan, until boiling.  Turn down the heat, and gradually add small amounts of corn flour, mixing well until you have a thin sauce.  Take off the heat.

Heat sesame oil in a frying pan or wok, and ladle out some of the egg/leek mixture into the pan.  Fry, flipping occasionally until golden on both sides.

Serve hot, with the sauce.



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