“they call me the first English king, although I came from France…”


Next up, one half of that Half an Aubergine That’s Been Blocking Up the Fridge For a While.

A spicy side-dish, with a Mediterranean slant….



Spicy Fried Eggplant/Aubergine

One quarter of an eggplant, chopped into chunks
Vegetable or olive oil
Half and half cup of lemon juice and water
Spice mix – 1 part coriander to 1/2 part curry powder and 1/4 part each turmeric and chilli powder


Heat the oil in a wok on high, and add the aubergine, with a little salt.

Fry briefly, then reduce the heat, stir fry for a  minute or so more.

Mix in the spices, coating the aubergine well.

Stir fry until soft and tender (10 mins-ish, longer for a larger portion of eggplant).  Every minute or so pour on a spoonful of the lemon and water mix, and allow the aubergine to absorb the liquid.

Serve hot.













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