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UK Summer


….however, this is taking the piss….

Of course it’s Wimbledon AND Glastonbury festival so I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised.





There is little that can beat, leaning out of a high window, gazing into the blue dusk, and inhaling the scent of summer rain and heat-warmed tarmac.

Shine a Light(ning)


I like food.  I like cooking food.  I like eating food.  And I like writing about food.

Basically I’m just a hobbit with a f**king blog.

Dad declared a snap BBQ on Friday as the weather forecast was warm, dry and summery, and if one wishes to enjoy the British summer to its fullest, one must have the reflexes of a snake with an amphetamine habit.  So we feasted on home-made bread topped with red onion and cheese, coleslaw, potato salad, fried onion and burgers.  I then repaired to my sister’s, where we sat outside with my brother in law, drinking and setting the world to rights until a warm rain drove us back inside.  Shortly afterwards a massive electrical storm kicked off, and circled the Tangleton valley like a snorting bull until the wee small hours.

No good English BBQ goes unpunished 🙂

I’m kicking around potential vegetarian-friendly BBQ recipes, as there’s only so far Quorn burgers and Cauldron sausages can go, especially when everyone else is eating marinated pork chops.  Marinated flat mushrooms?  (possible).  Marinated aubergine steaks? (hmmm, definitely worth checking out – will try this and report back).

Speaking of eggplants, got a sort-of-tagine recipe here for you, original at the link below:




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FATFAL Noodles


1) RIP Rik Mayall

2) Spent Monday off work sick, and the rest of the week playing catch-up.  Tired, narked, tired-narked and thoroughly tarked-noff.   Fortunately found this recipe, which, even if you’re not hungover, ticks the boxes of quick, convenient, tasty and pleasingly messy to eat.  F**k All This For a Laugh Noodles, if you will….

Right Kids?



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Clap along, if you feel like a room without a roof


I’m definitely more of a “cook” than a “baker”.  I can, with some effort and amateurish kneading, summon up a kind of rough, yeast-based peasant loaf.  This is good straight out of the oven, ripped into chunks and dipped into stew, but is otherwise heavy enough to beat someone unconscious, should the mood take you*.  Soda bread requires simple ingredients and minimal handling, but taste-wise it doesn’t quite suit all cuisines.  So you can imagine how delighted I was to see this no-knead flatbread recipe over on  Especially as myself and my sister had planned a  Chilli-Con-Carne-&-Game-of-Thrones-athon, and some fresh-off-the-pan carbohydrates were just the ticket as an accompaniment….


*Always remember to compliment the stew.

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