Crispy Kale


Second half of the recipe from  This time it’s the crispy kale, which sort of acts as a tasty but healthier version of fried seaweed.  Kale’s a bit of a superfood as well, so sling in a handful of cashews for protein and you’ve got a fabulous side-dish for a meal.

Plus a couple of left-over handfuls of fresh curly kale for my sister’s guinea pigs (their little faces…….).

What’s not to like?



Crispy Kale “Seaweed”

2/3s bag curly kale

Couple of capfuls of olive oil

Zaatar (or salt)

Handful of cashew nuts


Chop the kale.

Place into a bowl, and pour over the olive oil, then add a sprinkling of zaatar.

Throw in the cashews, mix everything together till the kale is lightly coated with oil.

Place in a baking dish, bake in the oven at 180 for 15 minutes.

Serve hot.  I’m thinking a good match for egg fried vegetable rice and a tofu dish…..




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