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Meowrraomeowrewmeowmeowrraomeowrewmeowmeowrraomeowrewmeow (Charly said)


Saturday night at the sister’s again, another episode of Peter Capaldi’s mad-eyed Dr Who to savour, plus the usual banquet.  Been cooking most of the afternoon; krispy kale with kashews, flatbreads, Quorn ham &  cheese frittata.  Also used up what was left of last night’s chilli con carne in a chilli frittata (tomorrow’s breakfast).  Plus there was an additional Unintentional Frittata, when my attempt at Nigel Slater’s bacon and pea fritters went horribly wrong and I decided to try and rescue the ingredients rather than just dumping them.

(I think I need to buy some more eggs).


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Spinach, Potato & Feta Fritters


… my current obsession with Foods That Begin With ‘Frit’, I bring you these moreish morsels.  Reheated a couple in the oven this morning and, stuffed into a wholemeal pitta bread, they made an excellent and hassle-free breakfast.  Tomorrow the remainder will make lunch in a Tupperware box, with soft cheese, sweetcorn and salad.

Original from this Nigel Slater article, which yielded the beetroot and chickpea fritters I made a while back, and I’m looking covetously at the pea and bacon recipe as well…..


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Frittata, it Makes me Happy


So we had the TimeTravelling Buffet of Doom on Saturday, then a street party on the Sunday.  What better contribution to both, than a quiche?

Unless of course you’re too bloody lazy to sort out the whole “pastry” bit, in which case, what better than a frittata or two?

Originals here:


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Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the Dinosaur


……’twas Dr Who season premiere on Saturday night, so naturally I decamped to my sister’s house for an extensive buffet and the benefit of her flat-screen TV.  We feasted on red pepper and feta frittata (more on that later), beetroot and walnut hummus, cottage cheese, flat breads, crispy kale with cashew nuts and many other such delicacies.  Dr Who wasn’t half-bad either (exploding dinosaurs! evil robots! lizard/human snogs!).  Capaldi still has to settle into the role a little, but we can be patient.  Despite his dismissal of long scarf-wearing as stupid, I can see him as a Doctor in the mould of Tom Baker *cackles evilly*.  Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Damndelicious came up trumps again as well, on these moreish snacks….



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Courgette Pancake


Just discovered the damndelicious blog.  Gotta like a woman confident enough to give her website that name. 😉

Fancied something different for breakfast, so enlarged a zucchini fritters recipe from the website into a pancake.  Fried it, then cooled and left in the fridge overnight, ready to be chucked into the oven and reheated the next morning on a baking tray lightly greased with olive oil.

Original here:


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I had an acquaintance, someone I used to work with.  Nice girl.  I tripped over her on Facebook a while ago, so we friended each other.  Hadn’t heard a lot from her recently, but assumed as she’d recently got married and had a kid, that she was too busy living in domestic bliss/mopping up babysick to post.  Then she posted, and it turns out she’d been in a mental hospital for the best part of a year with chronic panic attacks, among other things.

When I started this blog I called it theanxiouscook, not because I’m worried about my ability to produce meals of immense fabulousness, but because I used to suffer badly from anxiety attacks.

For those that have never had one, imagine feeling like you’re frantically trying to climb out of your own skin, whilst a horde of angry bees descend upon you. If you aren’t actually a moulting snake that keeps bees for a living, this can be a little disruptive to normal life.

I messaged her, we chatted, and I sent her details of a few of the coping mechanisms that I found helped me to manage the attacks.  I include them here as well, in case they may be helpful for anyone else.



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