Courgette Pancake


Just discovered the damndelicious blog.  Gotta like a woman confident enough to give her website that name. 😉

Fancied something different for breakfast, so enlarged a zucchini fritters recipe from the website into a pancake.  Fried it, then cooled and left in the fridge overnight, ready to be chucked into the oven and reheated the next morning on a baking tray lightly greased with olive oil.

Original here:


Courgette Breakfast Pancake

One courgette, grated (good exercise for the bingo wings!)

Salt and black pepper

Small amount self-raising flour

Generous amount parmesan

One large clove garlic, minced

Two eggs, beaten

Olive oil


  • Salt the grated courgette and leave in sieve for 10 minutes, then squeeze out excess water.
  • Mix the courgette, cheese, garlic, egg and black pepper. Form the mix into a ball then squish down into a pancake shape.
  • Heat olive oil in a large frying pan, and gently fry the pancake, flipping until both sides lightly browned.



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