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E=Spicy MBubbleC & 2Squeak


As mentioned in the last post, you should have a certain amount of spicy potato mash left over from the stuffed peppers recipe.  By an amazing cosmic coincidence I had some sprouts, 1/3 of a sweetheart cabbage, and a few slices of vegetarian bacon lying around as well.  Onion and garlic are a given in this household, like the kitchen sink, an eclectic music collection, and the large number of 1950s classic sci-fi novels from the Tangleton British Heart Foundation charity shop lying around….*



*’Waterstones’ For The Skint, And The Collectors of the Obscure.

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Spiced Potato-Stuffed Peppers


By some frightening piece of Farming Alchemy (Falchemy?), bags of peppers, £1 for a pack of 6, are available at Sainsbury’s.  It’s late November but here they are, fluorescent yellow orange with delicately-applied blushes of green.

Add in two tins of ready-boiled new potatoes for 20p each, and onion and some spices and you have the makings of a cheap, generous and filling dinner.  Several cheap, generous and filling dinners in fact.  Spinach not essential but added as I had some left over from another recipe, and bagged spinach has a lifespan of approximately 8.3 minutes, after you’ve been daft enough to actually open the bag, rather than just admire the leaves through the plastic.

Please note that the amount of potato given in my version of the recipe will likely leave you with a decent margin of spiced potato left over.  Hang on to it, there’s an epic bubble & squeak recipe coming up…….

Original here:

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Pea, Dhal & Mushroom Curry


I suppose I feel obliged to comment on That Photo by Kim Kardashian; to whit, I’m reminded I need somewhere new to park my mountain bike.

Saturday dinner was tasty homity pie and breaded mushrooms at the lovely Jekyll & Hyde pub, Home of the Yes You Have More Than One Vegetarian Option and they ALL look taaaasty menu.  Sunday was Whatsleftoftheauberginechilli on toast, then a 45 minute walk at a brisk trot to the EnormoAsda, as I needed the ingredients for a Fattoush salad for Sunday dinner at Dad’s.  Also picked up some ‘shrooms for this highly spicy mushroom curry.


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Aubergine Chilli Con Carne

Small Onion, chopped finely
Two cloves garlic, likewise
One aubergine, chopped widthways into slices
Tin tomatoes
Tin kidney beans, drained
Tomato puree
Parsley, cumin, chilli powder, paprika
Hot vegetable stock


Generously salt the aubergine slices and leave in a colander for 30-40 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly.

Heat vegetable oil in a wok, and add the onion.  Fry gently for 10 minutes.

Add the garlic and cook for a minute or so more.  Add a generous dash of the various spices and parsley and mix well.

Slice the salted and rinsed aubergine slices up into very small chunks.  Add these, the tomatoes, puree, beans and stock plus a dash of salt.

Bring to the boil, then cover and simmer for 25 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Take the lid off and simmer for another 5 minutes.

Serve with rice, or corn tortillas and cheese.

Alternate: I reckon using mushroom rather than aubergine could be interesting……




Breakfast Egg Muffins


This gets heavy on the eggs very quickly, so not good for those a on a budget, but still, a handy way to use up spare bits of veg and cheese etc, or if you need breakfast on the run, or if you’re just sick of Sugarpuffs….


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Cheese, Aubergine & Tomato Bake


This is a little more complicated than normal, but very, very moreish….

Original version here:


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Moong Dhal – the Cure


Work is full of sick people, and it doesn’t help that because our heating system is old and dodgy the entire office is kept at a standard temperature more usually associated with tropical islands, dusky maidens in grass skirts and strategically-placed half-coconut shells etc etc.

I’m nursing an eyelid cyst along with everything else, and began to get serious cravings for spinach and dark leaved vegetables last week.  Figuring that my body knows what it needs, I indulged it with spinach frittata / sweetheart cabbage & brie bake / red lentil & spinach curry, but apparently this wasn’t enough to stave off illness, as I woke this morning with a sore throat and headache.

Phoned in sick and slept through till 1pm.  Ate the last of the spinach frittata. Found some whisky at the back of the drinks cabinet and had a hot toddy with honey*.  Then fired up this creamy moong lentil dhal, which apparently is a popular recipe with the convalescent and sick in India….

Original here:


*if you’re going to be ill you might as well enjoy it…

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