40 is the New Black


I hope you all had a lovely Xmas! And just in time for New Year I present to you a few simple cocktail recipes, extensively road-tested by myself and AnxiousFriends during my recent 40th birthday, plus a mulled wine recipe for those cold winter nights.



Champagne (if your work mates were kind enough to gift you a bottle for your birthday), otherwise sparkling white wine should do the trick



Orange liqueur (Cointreau etc)

Coffee liqueur (Tia Maria etc)


Red wine

Smirnoff cinnamon vodka (the glittery one)


Coke/Diet coke

Lime juice/lime cordial

Apple juice

Cranberry juice

Spices/Fruit for the mulled wine

Half an orange

Stick of cinnamon


Several cloves

Sugar/honey (optional, depending on how rough the red wine is)


Cocktail mixer

Those cute little paper umbrellas (I never claimed to be a *cool* person)

Ice cubes

Glace cherries

A shot glass for measuring the liqueurs



Black Russian (three of these and you’ll collapse faster than the rouble)

One shot vodka, one shot coffee liqueur and coke to taste.  Mix, serve with ice.

Eden (no sinner can resist an apple)

One shot cinnamon vodka plus apple juice to taste.  Mix, serve with ice and an umbrella.

Apple Bellini

2/3 champagne to 1/3 apple juice.  Pour the champagne into tall glass, add the apple juice.  Alternatively serve with cranberry juice.

Cosmopolitan (pretend you’re Carrie Bradshaw)

One shot vodka, one shot orange liqueur, lime and cranberry to taste.  Mix with ice in the shaker, strain and serve with an umbrella.

Manhattan (admit it, you feel really sophisticated drinking this…)

One shot whisky, one shot vermouth, one shot orange liqueur, mix gently without shaking, with ice.  Strain and serve with a cherry in the glass.

Mulled Wine

Gently heat the red wine, half an orange, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon stick and sugar in a saucepan until lightly steaming.  Strain and serve in a heat-proof glass.


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