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Youuu Saaagggggg…!!!


Had a craving for spinach.  Bought a bag of spinach.  Made a lentil and spinach curry with yogurt (okay enough, but not really worth inclusion in the blog).  Then made chana saag and aloo saag (chickpea & spinach, and potato & spinach), which were worth inclusion.  Plus I have a few green leaves left for my sister’s guinea pigs.  Leafy, iron-rich result all round I feel.

Recipes from and from, which is a frankly lovely and quite hilarious blog.  Go visit.  Go on, shoo.

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Fear & Parathas in Las Vegas


My carefree spin through life was abruptly tripped up last week when a sharp, chest-constricting panic attack forced me off the coach to work and back onto the pavement, pleading nausea to the driver so he’d stop halfway down a busy road in rush-hour.  Since then I’ve not been able to get back on a bus.  Taxis are hardly bearable either.  I can just about manage car lifts from my family (who will pull over and let me out for air if I need it).  Elevators I can and will cope with, as I live on the 5th floor and I’m damned if I’m walking up and down that four times a day (it’s seven deep breaths from the 5th to the ground floor, or a count of 10.  Seven deep breaths, or a count of 10).

I wrangled gently with the on-duty GP (via phone) about how to deal with this.  Back on the amitriptyline (oh joy of joooyyys), having spent the best part of three years getting off the sodding stuff.  Follow-up appointment in a couple of weeks.  But so far I can still make it to work (albeit by walking there), make it round the supermarket, go to the gym, sit down and eat a meal with my loved ones, and generally keep some sort of handle on life.  So currently we’re at Anxiety Attack Status: Fucking Annoying, rather than Anxiety Attack Status: Utterly Debilitating, which is something I guess.

Consoled myself with the remains of Sunday night’s family curry extravaganza (quorn chicken korma, moong dhal, vegetable curry) and some home-made parathas (Indian flatbreads)…….


Original version from

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Turkish Yogurt Soup


If cheap noodles don’t do it for you, then this luxuriously rich, herby soup might hit the spot instead.  It’s again composed mostly of store cupboard staples, and a little of this soup goes a long way (*belches*), but if you’re still cash-conscious you could probably get away with leaving out the falafels/meatballs; the rice and chickpeas will still make a pretty solid bowlful.

Thanks go to my sister for this, as my access to The Interwebs had crashed and she had to google it and read out the details of the recipe over the phone….!

Original from here:


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Rice Noodle & Vegetable Bake


A good, cheap 3-days-until-payday bake, using store cupboard staples (particularly relevant for January, the Official Month of 3-Days Till Payday).  Nothing too sophisticated but moreish and goes down well with a spot of ketchup!



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