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Spicy Chickpea, Harissa and Aubergine Stew


Along with the bananas I have a fridge full of slightly wrinkled vegetables that really should have been eaten a week ago.  Rescued an aubergine, beat it unconscious on the kitchen counter-top, sliced and liberally salted it, then left the twitching remains in a colander for 40 minutes.

(I’ve heard that modern aubergines are bred to remove the “bitter” taste these days, with salting no longer necessary, but whenever I’ve omitted this step I’ve ended up eating lovingly-cooked spicy car tyre so I faithfully maintain The Old Ways).

Original from a recipe at the Daily Fail, which I’m not going to link to because it’s the Fail.  Feel free to go look for it on the website, if you can stand an entire sidebar of Semi Famous Women who are being accused of “flaunting their curves” when they’ve had the temerity to pop out for a pint of milk.


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So I had an ambition to eat more fruit and fewer sugar-laden cereal bars, when I need to snack.  However last week was brought to you courtesy of a stomach flu, which was about as enjoyable as you would imagine.  When eventually normal service was restored the spare wok on the counter-top (pressed into service as a fruit bowl), was full of rapidly-blackening bananas.  In this situation there’s only one thing for it.  Banana bread!  (Oh well, so much for reducing the sugar intake…..) 🙂 .



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